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Jason Castillo
8 July
Oswego, Illinois, United States
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art, basements, bass, beach boys, being an artist, being in a band, bob marley, books, british humor, cake, cereal, charlatans uk, charles mingus, christian mcbride, congas and bongos, consumerism, dave grohl, dmb, drums, earth, erykah badu, fight club, flea, foo fighters, freedom, galactic, george clinton & p-funk, grandaddy, guitar, herbie hancock, jaco pastorious, jamiroquai, jamming, lava lamps, les claypool, local h, making music, malcolm in the middle, medeski martin and wood, metallica, miles davis, milk, muse (uk), my brain, my house, my little cousins, my mom, naked people, ninjas, niu jazz, oranges, oscar peterson, oswego boners, paul mccartney, percussion, phish, pizza, radiohead, rage against the machine, red hot chili peppers, rock and roll, sandwiches, santana, simpsons, sleater-kinney, soul slipper, spaghetti, steel pan, steely dan, stuff, super furry animals, talking, talking heads, the beatles, the groove, the hives, the internet, the neptune north crew, the tick, the vines, the who, thinking, tool, toy story, urge overkill, white stripes, zeppelin
I go to NIU and I'm a Illustration major. I love music and ninjas.